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“The Kepi should be the standard of holding your newborn. When taking your infant home from the hospital the Kepi Support Swaddle
should be a complementary item in addition to a baby car seat.”


““The kepi Support Swaddle is simple but genius. The fact that the Kepi allows for easy swaddling as well as additional support for the
head, neck and hips is fantastic! You can never be too safe with your newborn.” ”


“The Kepi is a truly innovative product. The thrill of holding a newborn can now be safe and secure. Thoughtfully considered, the
patended design firmly supports the newborn’s head and spine, alleviating anxiety in whoever holds your precious baby.”


What people are saying

Ally Gradley

Is there anything better than a happy baby after a good nap? If you’ve seen my stories you know that Harrison really struggled with daytime naps and would wake himself up almost immediately due to his startle reflex, which led to all sorts of crankiness later on! I tired swaddling him but he would literally squirm out in seconds and turn on his side! I’m so glad that we found the @shopkepi swaddle system, which has become our naptime game changer! It keeps his head safe and supported, keeps him on his back and keeps him from waking up! Happy baby! Happy Mama!


This has been such a help with our baby and more me who is worried about the fragile neck. All the nurses who been helping with our stay love it l. The way it holds her she stays warm and content! One nurses was worried about flat head but showed her the spoon has a divot so her worry left :)


Kepi makes it easier for our 2 year old to hold his baby sister safely :) It’s very supportive, plus it’s also snuggly and comfortable for the baby. We love our Kepi

Lauren Stotts

Kepi is the best thing we bought for our little guy by far!! He is loves it and it makes it so much easier to carry him around. Plus it gives me some peace of mind to know he’s sleeping at an angle at night!