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A new way to Swaddle: The formerly anxious father of a newborn took five years of testing to create Kepi, a spoon-like board with a built-in blanket that supports your tiny one’s head, neck and spine. That way, you can rest just a bit easier when shy siblings and nervous visitors hold an infant. Added plus: Should baby doze off, the Kepi Board can be used for sleeping as it optimally positions the body for good digestion and breathing.

Dr. Cary Alberstone, MD – Neurosurgeon

"As a board-certified neurosurgeon, I find the Kozy Support Swaddle is a truly innovative products. The thrill of holding a newborn can now be safe and secure. Thoughtfully considered, the patented design firmly supports the newborn's head and spine, alleviating anxiety in whoever holds your precious baby."

International Hip-Dysplasia Institute

"The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges the Kozy Support Swaddle as a "hip-healthy" product. The IHDI recognizes that Kepi, Inc. has developed products that consider the importance of healthy hip development during infancy. This is especially important during the early stages of hip development in the first few months after birth. We wish to recognize specific products as "hip-healthy" to help educate the public."

Dr. Skip Watters, MD – OB/GYN

"The Kozy Support Swaddle should be the standard of holding your newborn. When taking your infant home from the hospital the Kepi Support Swaddle should be a complementary item in addition to the baby car seat." - Dr. Watters has delivered over 13,000 Babies

CBS – Eye Opener

For safe swaddling, Pamela suggests the Kozy Support Swaddle. She says this brand new product is the safest, smartest way to swaddle your baby. The patented Kozy Support Swaddle is the first-ever swaddling system to support and protect newborn's head, neck, and spine. Pamela says the Kozy allows friends and family, from the youngest to the oldest, to support and hold a baby without worry! It’s also portable — great for small space living, ideal for moving from room to room!

Dr. Kenneth L. Saul, MD FAAP – Pediatrician

"The Kozy Support Swaddle is simple but genius. The fact that the Kozy Support Swaddle allows for easy swaddling as well as additional support for the head, neck and hips is fantastic! You can never be too safe with your newborn"

Family Review Center

The Kepi Kozy is great for those who may be a bit unsure about holding a newborn, or when a little sibling wishes to bond with baby brother but you want to ensure all safety measures are in place - this will do it and set your minds at ease.

The Kozy swaddles baby securely and you can either hold them or place them into the dock when you need a place to lay them safely when you need your hands free but want them by you.

So many situations this product can be helpful in, and one that offers a safe alternative to lying them flat on the blankie on the floor or always having to be upright in a seat.

Lightweight, easy to use, easy to transport, easy to wipe clean. This device is one you will get a lot of daily use out of and will wonder how you did without it.

Makes for a perfect gift for the new parents of their first (or 20th) child.

Lockin Family

"We brought our child home from the hospital in the Kozy Support Swaddle. To be honest I truly believe this is the only way to swaddle your child. Compared to a normal swaddling blanket this adds so much more support and comfort, not to mention its way easier than trying to wrap them in a blanket. The Kozy Support Swaddle makes you feel a hundred times move confident while holding your baby. I am a lover of all things Kepi!"


"This is the smartest, safest swaddle you will ever see. The 'spoon' protects the head, neck, and spine. The Dock is great because it helps prevent tipping"

Strauss Family

"Sleep for newborn twin parents is a rarity! Thank you Kepi for bringing sleep not only to our twin boys lives, but also to ours! We have literally tried every type of swaddle and while the actual act of swaddling is incredibly helpful with our boys, each of the products we had tried before Kepi have presented their own challenges. It wasn't until our first night with the Kepi Swaddle and dock, that we could sleep soundly knowing our boys were both comfortable and safe! Your swaddles Rock! The head and neck support makes it super easy to ensure their alignment and safety. The super cool spoon concept helps to prevent the flat head.


"The Kozy Support Swaddle is a revolutionary way to swaddle your baby. The three-piece kit ($98) includes the Kepi board, which supports your baby's neck, head, and spine, and promotes a well-rounded head, the Kepi dock, which improves digestion and sound sleep, and the Support Swaddle, which allows for healthy hip development. With so much more to offer your newborn than a typical swaddle, this clever product reduces anxiety for both babies and parents."

Travalena Family

"The Kepi added an element of peace to our lives when our daughter was born. Not only did she fall asleep with ease in the swaddle but the fact that we could put her in the base and not have to worry about her rolling over in her crib was amazing. The Kepi also acted as a barrier when we had friends and family visit. It made us feel more comfortable to have people hold her because it kept her protected in the swaddle which is very solid because of it’s back plate to hold the head. We love this product and encourage all parents to use this for their baby"

Gentleman's Notebook

"This is the ultimate swaddle for Dads. I mean come on guys, we've all been there...holding a newborn is some scary stuff. The Kozy Support Swaddle changes all of of that, especially for those of us who aren't the most baby savvy. This swaddle has a patented design that incorporates a support board in the back of the swaddle. Giving full confidence that your baby's head, neck, and spine are supported. This is a must buy for first-time dads!"

Morren & West

"We love the Kozy Support Swaddle! We just had our first born in December and had so many visitors in the hospital. The Kepi was perfect for wrapping our daughter in and giving us the comfort in knowing that her head and body was supported so our visitors could hold her and pass her around without her head flopping about. Then when we got home we used the Kepi at night to keep her nice and snug and we love the head and back support! Also, it was really cool to watch our friend who had never held a baby before hold our sweet girl in the Kepi with no problem! We give the Kepi 2 thumbs up!"

Shamell & Chris

"The Kepi is an interesting product for us, one we didn't know we needed, but glad we had. Camille seems to like it because of the swaddle feature. It keeps her warm and makes her feel secure. We have definitely used it more for sleep than for holding her. It's definitely great for others when they hold her as it keeps her spine aligned. I can tell when I hold her that she is secure and her body is supported by this product. It's clear that the fabric is made of great quality and the vibrant colors are beautiful. My favorite part of the Kepi is the curve for her head so that when she lays down on her back for a long period of time the natural shape of her head is still in tact."

Chris & Lauren

"A few weeks into our newborn haze, a friend of ours dropped of the Kozy Support Swaddle It looked like nothing we had ever seen in the world of swaddles. It provided head and neck support, which is genius. Seeing how stable the swaddle was, and the docking system it came with, we thought...let's put it in the bassinet and see what happens. Voila! Our baby boy actually slept. The Kepi fabric does not come up around the baby's mouth so it doesn't trigger a rooting reflex. The Kepi Dock is situated at an angle so it helps with babies who might have reflux, which is a huge bonus as I know lots of parents who put pillows or blankets underneath the bassinet mattress to achieve the same result the Dock naturally provides."

Lauren & Matt

Kepi is the best thing we bought for our little guy by far! He is loves it and it makes it so much easier to carry him around. Plus it gives me some peace of mind to know he's sleeping at an angle at night!